Welcome to the iTV Mag website, the one-stop solution for information regarding HD and UHD iTV Sets and how to turn your new iTV Set into a myriad of different interactive experiences, when you are not using your iTV set for "linear" (non-interactive) entertainment, such as movies, TV series or sports. Interactive Television Sets are destined to become the standard way to consume interactive content, and are quickly becoming the most popular device for watching interactive digital content. Whereas most people have one smartphone, and one or two tablets, there are several iTV sets in most of your homes, including one in the family (also called the living) room, one in each bedroom, one in the den (home office), one in the home theater, and even one in the kitchen. The iTV set is secure within your home (no one is picking it up and walking off with it), uses secure Fiber-Optic or Wi-Fi (not slow, insecure, expensive cellular 3G or 4G), is 100X larger in screen size (save your eyesight), uses no battery that can overheat or explode, has the same processing and memory (if not more) than a smartphone, and is hooked up to your expansive home theatre HD audio sound system! We'll be adding new iTV Mag articles, tips, tricks, designs, and FREE content to use on your newest HD and UHD iTV Sets. This website will also work on PCs, Tablets, SmartPhones, Laptops, NetBooks, Game Consoles, and e-Readers. If you like this iTV Mag website, make sure to check out iTV Art, where you can use your iTV Set as a Virtual Art Gallery, or the iTV Clock website, where you can use your iTV Set as an interactive clock, where you can choose your own design. This is located at this link iTV Clock. This iTV Set website was created by The iTV Design Agency, using less than 22 lines of HTML 5.1, and only a megabyte of total data footprint!