Welcome to the iTV Mag website, the one-stop solution for information regarding HD and UHD iTV Sets, and how to turn your new 4K UHD iTV Set into a myriad of different interactive viewer experiences, when you're not using your UHD iTV sets for "linear" (non-interactive) entertainment, such as streaming movies, TV Series, or Sports. HD Interactive Television Sets are destined to become the standard way for viewers to consume interactive content, and are quickly becoming the most popular device for watching interactive digital content. Let's start out here covering the controversial "Net Neutrality" legislation, which allows the dominant content distribution websites to "throttle" or slow down the user experience for competitors which are threatening their streaming services. This is typical of one-sided legislation made possible by lobbyists which corrupts the true movement of a free market system in favor of those who currently have the upper-hand, allowing them to "strong arm" their competitors via unfair legislation. The good news is that the throttling can be defeated by using the same strategy that we are using for our iTV Set app-sites, which we term "client-side rendering plus data footprint optimization." If your site can use very little data, say only a few hundred kilobytes per pageload like this site does, compared to streaming gigabytes, a few hundred kilobytes will only take a second or two at most to load. Virtual Reality (what I call i3D or Interactive 3D) sites and assets can be even more highly optimized, as everything (code and 3D assets) is made of highly-compressible text, which is then "rendered" on the client-side (iTV Set processor) to create the UHD visual content. If you like this iTV Mag website, make sure to check out iTV Art, where you can use an iTV Set as a Virtual Art Gallery, or the iTV Clock website, where you can use your iTV Set as an interactive clock, where you can choose your own design, or iTV Sea where you can turn an iTV Set into an undersea saltwater aquarium. This iTV Set website was created by The iTV Design Agency using only 24 lines of HTML 5.1 in eight megabytes of total data footprint for 19 topic sections! This is the type of website than can slip under bandwidth restrictions which Net Neutrality legislation will impose on non-monolithic developers by the lobbyists for the monopolistic streaming content providers.