Welcome to the How To Use (?) section of the iTV Mag website. This website will fit all widescreen HD (2K, 1920x1080 or 1920x1200) or UHD (4K, or 3840x2160) devices. To go fullscreen on your iTV Set click the Toggle Full Screen button, which is the arrow button (the period or square dot between iTVmag dot com). This takes your iTV Set browser in and out of full screen mode, so you can enjoy any iTV content full screen and use your browser tabs and other UI elements whenever you want to by simply (and easily) toggling back out of full screen mode at any time. When viewing iTV content on an iTV Set it important to use 100% of the screen just like an iTV show would, so the designers at the iTV Design Agency built this feature directly into all of our iTV websites, as they are really iTV Apps coded in HTML5 instead of in Java 8 for Android TV. Fortunately, WebKit is a part of the Android OS and API, so these sites (apps) are usable on every platform that includes WebKit, which happens to be all of them (Chrome, Android, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc.). Since most of the iTV set operating systems are based on browsers (Chrome, Opera or Firefox on top of Linux Kernel) or on the popular Android OS used by dozens of the leading international manufacturers (Samsung, Sony, LGE, Philips, etc.), they will all have an Internet Browser Application, featuring the very latest WebKit browser, featuring CSS3 or CSS4, WebGL or WebGL2 (i3D), SVG (2D), WebM (Video), OGG (Audio), HTML 5.1, and ECMAscript 6 (JavaScript), as well as possibly Java 9 and JavaFX. Flash was retired by Adobe in 2017, in favor of HTML 5, ECMAscript 6 and Java 9. These open source languages are used with WebKit, and by all of the popular open operating systems (HTML5 OSes and Android OS). If you want an iTV Set app-site created for your company, please visit the www.iTVdesign.com website for The iTV Design Agency, who created this website in under 8MB and in under 24 lines of code per page. The key to a fast, smooth iTV Set app-site experience is a highly-optimized data footprint for all assets.