The iTV Magazine Articles section will cover iTV Articles relating to the Interactive Television Set (iTV Set) marketplace, which is now a multi-billion dollar (or use your own currency here) marketplace, with billions of iTV Sets already sold internationally, and billions of iTV Set owners and users. We will be covering iTV industry news, new iTV apps, iTV shows, iTV eBooks, iTV innovation, and similar articles on iTV where there is not a specific section of this website (such as Reviews, iTV Set Products, Optimize, Tips & Tricks, Games, eBooks, and the like).

The first article in the series is regarding all of the major companies, such as Netflix and Twitch (Amazon) that are forming iTV Set departments to develop interactive content specifically for all of these new, affordable (and large) consumer electronics devices. Most of this content is simple "branching" linear content, since this is the type of content that the TV industry produces, using largely linear scripts, rather than decision matrices commonly used by game programmers and new media content developers. People usually have a phone and a personal computer, but they often have several HD iTV Sets throughout their homes, in their living room, den, and bedrooms. This means that the hardware infrastructure for rendering advanced interactivity, such as image and video compositing pipelines, i3D content overlays, and more advanced interactivity than simple branching content has already been in place in homes internationally, since 2015 and 2016. You can see iTV content taking advantage of these pipelines in and many of our other iTV app websites. This iTV app site was created by The iTV Design Agency on the client-side iTV set using digital image compositing, i3D rendering, animation compositing, ECMAscript 6 (WebKit native Javascript), CSS4 and HTML 5.1 in under 10MB of total data footprint, which is 100X less than a streamed content data footprint.