The iTV Magazine Games section will cover iTV Set games, which is destined to become one of the largest genres of iTV Set Applications due to the power of most iTV Set's nVidia Parker, AMD Ryzen and QualComm Processors, and the size and visual quality of the HD and UHD display screens. It won't be long before the iTV Set's rendering capabilities approach the processing power of entry-level game consoles that you can buy at WalMart for a couple hundred dollars. Those can play console games like Madden and Halo, but "casual games" such as Angry Birds are more popular, take far less memory and processing power, and cost far less, often a dollar versus fifty to sixty times that much as console games do. Since the Interactive Television Set (iTV Set) marketplace is now a multi-billion dollar market, with billions of HD and UHD iTV Sets sold internationally and billions of iTV Set owners, many of which love to play games, the writing is on the wall. We will be covering new and old iTV game titles alike, and similar articles on iTV gaming and eSports. It is important to note that this iTV Magazine website HTML5 app will also work on HD iTV Sets, UHD iTV Sets, as well as HD or UHD PCs, Tablets, SmartPhones, Laptops, NetBooks, Game Consoles, and e-Readers. If you like the iTV Mag website, be sure to check out iTV FLY, where you can turn your iTV Set into a underwater marine saltwater aquarium in the comfort of your own home. This site was created by The iTV Design Agency using 20 lines of HTML5 and less than 8MB of total data footprint.