The iTV Magazine Clock section will cover the use of iTV Set products to display functioning timepeices when they are not being used for interactive entertainment. Since the Interactive Television Set (iTV Set) marketplace has become a multi-billion dollar market, there are millions of idle iTV products that could be turned into IMAX-quality, UHD digital timepeices. We will be covering groundbreaking original digital art-based timepeice products, as well as 3D animated iTV Clock products optimized for new iTV products and technologies. An excellent example of this is the UHD iTV Clock HTML5 application website, which supports both 2K HD and 4K UHD iTV Sets. The iTV Set will allow artists to become iTV Set timepeice developers, and push the limits of their artwork, so that it can be used for timekeeping content design and in interactive entertainment using iTV clock faces. This site was created by The iTV Design Agency using around 22 lines of HTML 5.1 and in less than 8MB of total data footprint. The Team included an iTV Clock on each page until we get more content, so readers can clearly see how useful they are.