This iTV Magazine Content section will cover the use of HD iTV Set products to display interactive entertainment content, streaming content (linear broadcast content), and new and innovative digital iTV content, such as this website, which combines these various new media elements using CSS4 and JavaScript, and optimizes them for use together on both 2K HD iTV Sets and well as on 4K UHD iTV Sets. Let's discuss the various types of iTV content that developers can create for iTV Sets in this section, keeping in mind that all of these elements can be combined together seamlessly by using the ECMAscript6 (Native WebKit JavaScript) programming language.

The HTML 5.1 mark-up language pulls everything together as one unit, and works with the CSS3 (soon CSS4) styling language to style, or control, how the content "renders" (appears on the iTV Set screen). The JavaScript language adds advanced features and animation, and the digital video codecs (MPEG4 and WebM) allow video streaming. Digital audio codecs (MP3, OGG Vorbis, M4A or MPEG4 Audio, and HD FLAC) play digital audio assets (files or streams), if they are not "fused" into the video streams. Flat or "2D" content is created using the SVG, or "Scalable Vector Graphics" programming language, and 3D and i3D (interactive 3D) are created using the WebGL and recently the WebGL2 programming language. Digital Image Composites are created using the PNG32 image format, background images using JPEG or PNG24, and digital image animation composites are possible using the WebP format and Animated GIF (aGIF). Special Effects can be applied to digital image composites using CSS3 and CSS4 Filters, so there are literally dozens of different new media tools that can be used together to create a "client-side" (rendered) interactive television show user experience. Streaming video and audio would be termed a "server side" user experience, as nothing is done on the client-side to the content other than decoding it using the MPEG4 or WebM codec (which stands for: COde-DECode).

If you want to learn more about these New Media genres supported by HTML5, I have "Fundamentals" books covering most of them, at: Apress Technical Publisher, simply enter "Wallace Jackson" into the search bar at the top right of the website. This site was created by The iTV Design Agency, who has been creating each of these types of content for the major display industry manufacturers since 1992.