The iTV Mag Tips and Tricks section will tell you cool tips and tricks that your iTV Set can do that will allow you to get the most out of your HD or UHD iTV Set investment. Remember than an iTV Set is actually a computer, which will do a lot more than your old "dumb" Television Set would do. This means that your new widescreen iTV Set is much more complicated and difficult to master, but also on the other side of the coin, that it can accomplish a thousand times more interactive entertainment applications than your "dumb" TV Set ever could. You may have noticed when you set your new HD or UHD iTV Set up that it had a large number of inputs and outputs on the back and sides if the iTV Set. You probably have three or four HDMI inputs, which can accept a variety of devices such as cable or satellite set top boxes (STBs), computers (yes, your iTV makes a fantastic computer display), HD or UHD DVD Players, and Game Consoles (Xbox, Wii or PlayStation). You can hook all of these up at the same time and switch between them all using your remote! This means you can divide the $400 you spent on your iTV between the four devices you are using it for ($100 each), which is why folks own several iTV Sets! There are other inputs as well, such as a 15-pin VGA (PC) input, composite (RGB) inputs, digital audio (SPDIF and L/R Red/White RGA inputs), TV Tuner Antenna input (300 OHM), and USB port inputs (Mouse, Keyboard, Game Controllers, etc.). Make sure to use as many of these iTV Set inputs as you can, to get the most out of your HD iTV Set investment! To make your iTV Set secure from "over the air" (Wi-Fi) intrusion, use the RJ-45 Jack (looks like a phone jack) in the rear of your iTV Set and a NIC (Network Interface Cable) to plug your iTV Set into your Internet Rounter/Hub/Modem unit so your information is going over a cable rather than through the air. You will be blown away at how much more your HD iTV Set can do than your smartphone, which costs more than twice as much, and is ten times smaller!