The iTV Mag Technology section will teach you about all those hardware and software technologies that are inside of your iTV Set. This knowledge will allow you to get the most out of your HD or UHD iTV Set product, because the more you know about what your widescreen interactive television set is capable of doing, the more choices you will have to select HTML 5.1 and Android Apps that can give you never before done iTV Set viewer experiences. Don't just relegate your 4K iTV set to streaming "linear" old-fashioned TV programs. Use its quad-core or octa-core 64-buit processor, i3D rendering engine GPU, OpenGL3 and WebGL2 i3D technologies, 24-bit HD audio processing hardware, 4K IMAX resolution (streaming media is usually Blu-Ray 1280 by 720, or sometimes even less resolution), and bluetooth peripherals, such as game controller, mouse, trackball, keyboard, or similar external hardware that linear/streaming media does not even know is connected. The problem with current iTV set usage is that 95% if the iTV Set hardware device's capabilities are wasted on streaming linear non-interactive or "canned" content, which uses only the digital video decoder and zero interactivity! The future of interactive television user experiences is in the never before done interactive content, in which the viewer can control their destiny, and become a part of the content itself! This requires HTML 5.1 apps-sites or Android TV apps, which work across all platforms and devices, even non-iTV Set devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and game consoles. iTV Set apps can render i3D Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality games and worlds in real-time at 4K resolution under the viewer's control, and provide an experience which is never the same twice, similar to a console game such as Halo 4 or Madden Football, for instance. iTV Set devices can also be used for interactive education, financial transactions, and at home retail shopping experiences, teleconferencing and similar experiences using a larger than life 4 foot to 7 foot display screen. Amazing!