The iTV Mag Art section will teach you how to use your UHD iTV Set's capability to display IMAX quality 4K rare art from the New Your Metropolitan Art Museum in the comfort of your own home. You can essentially turn your HD or UHD iTV Set into a picture frame holding a wide range of famous artwork, at zero cost to yourself, when you are not using your iTV Set for streaming television shows, feature film, sporting events, playing i3D games, or using iTV apps. This is a fantastic example of the types of IMAX-resolution 4K UHD interactive content that you can get for free using the Internet icon on your iTV Set apps-page or remote, simply by going to a short URL, such as or, which is an undersea marine saltwater aquarium that makes your iTV set stunningly usable when you are not using it interactively. This knowledge of how to use pristine, free, interactive, 4K content will allow you to get an additional educational and home decoration usage out of your HD or UHD iTV Set. It is quite important to always remember that your HD or UHD iTV Set is essentially a 64-bit embedded computer, which is contained in an iTV Set display product that features a 1920 by 1080 (2K, or HD) or a 3840 by 2160 (4K or UHD) display screen. If you paid several hundred dollars for your HD iTV Set product, you should get several thousand dollars of usage out of it, don't you agree?! Use the Internet capability to make sure that your UHD iTV Set can accurately display interactive UHD resolution artwork, clocks, aquariums, fireplaces, games, eBooks, interactive television shows, stunning 4K images, and 4K streaming content. If you like the iTV Mag website, make sure to check out the spectacular iTV Art app-site, where you can turn your iTV Set into a rare work of art! This iTV App-Site was created by The iTV Design Agency in under 8MB and under 24 lines of code per page. The iTV Design Agency can deliver 4K iTV Set content using only a few megabytes of data, which is called "data footprint optimization."