The iTV Mag eBooks section will teach you how to use your UHD iTV Set's capability to display IMAX quality 4K (3840x2160) or True HD quality 2K (1920x1080) eBooks. Widescreen iTV eBooks, both in 2K HD as well as in 4K UHD resolutions, are one of the greatest opportunities for iTV Set devices. This is because of the incredible HD audio capabilities of an iTV Set (as most of them are connected to home theater Dolby 5+1 audiophile systems) as well as the advanced i3D OpenGL3/WebGL2 rendering engines and 64-bit GPU hardware in most HD and UHD iTV Sets. Since eBook readers and formats are not optimized for 2K HD and 4K UHD full screen user experiences with HD Audio and i3D content, there is a significant opportunity for eBook developers and interactive publishers ( to create truly cinematic eBooks for the, and iTV apps/websites. The reason widescreen iTV eBooks have the capability of greatly outshining a "normal" portrait eBook is because of the extra screen real estate (twice as wide) and because an iTV Set is essentially a powerful 64-bit i3D computer contained inside of an iTV Set display product. Soon iTV sets will be featuring the incredible nVidia Tegra Parker and AMD Ryzen chipsets, which will give iTV Sets game console power and quality, using an 8-core CPU and dozens of GPU cores that support 1920x1080 (2K HD) or 3840x2160 (4K UHD) pixel display resolution. This opens up the door for eBooks that can be part i3D game, part 3D iTV show, part animated 3D eBook, part 4K imagery and part 3D IMAX Film. If you like the iTV Mag website, make sure to check out iTV Book, where we will be developing our first iTV book. This site was created by the iTV Design Agency.