The iTV Mag Apps section will cover iTV Set Applications or "iTV Apps," which can be coded using HTML5, CSS4 and ECMAscript (Javascript) (such as this iTV magazine app) or the the open source Android TV API (App Programming Interface) for 64-bit versions of Android (5, 6, 7 and 8) using the Java programming language. There are also "proprietary" iTV application platforms and "closed" programming languages which only work if you purchase one company's iTV Set brand (such as Roku and Apple), however the development for these will be less, as there are only millions of those iTV Sets in homes, whereas there are billions of "open" iTV Sets around the world, running open source HTML5 and Android OSes, both based on the popular open source Linux operating system. The reason iTV applications can do more than old-fashioned TV entertainment, such as broadcast "linear" programming (also known as "streaming"), is becauses it uses the new HD or UHD iTV Set (Interactive TeleVision Set, Intelligent TeleVision Set, or Internet TeleVision Set) CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (i3D math co-processor unit or graphics processing unit) to process your interaction with your HD iTV Set, allowing something that is called "real-time interactivity." This is why Interactive TeleVision Sets (commonly called "iTV Sets") have this common name worldwide. It is important to note that the iTV Magazine and other HTML5-based websites and iTV applications will also work in the same way that they do on 2K HD iTV Sets and 4K UHD iTV Sets on HD or UHD PCs, Tablets, SmartPhones, Laptops, NetBooks, Game Consoles, or e-Readers. If you like the iTV Mag website, be sure to check out our other iTV application websites, such as iTV Gift, where you can give gift cards from the comfort of your own home. This site was created by The iTV Design Agency using less than 8MB of total data footprint, and in less than 24 lines of HTML5 per page!